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Your book deserves illustrations worthy of your story. That’s why so many bestselling authors choose our illustrators. From concept sketches to colors and full-page illustrations, our illustrators’ hand-drawn style creates vivid imagery that will capture readers’ imaginations. We offer high-quality and original illustrations for your novels, comic/graphic books, and children’s books. The design will be tailored to your book and the aesthetic and style will match your story.

Our professional and expert illustrators will draw your story and character. With each illustration on the pages of your book, our illustrators will help your story shine through custom-made and attractive sketches and drawings. We have creative and explorative illustrators who have years of experience with children’s books, fiction books, and comics.

Make your story shine with attractive and creative illustrations that are in sync with the theme of your book!

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Capture your readers’ imaginations with stunning illustrations. Reagan Ghostwriters offers expert book illustration services designed for writers who want to self-publish their work.

Comic book illustrations make the backbone of comic books. To make your fiction and fantasy books presentable, they need to have accurately designed illustrations that make the readers’ minds explode with all sorts of imaginations. To help your story stand out, we design stunning visuals that appeal to the aesthetics of your target audience and resonate with your theme at the same time.

Children’s books need to be eye-catching, easy to read, and vibrant. The little ones find drawings and sketches quite imaginative and appealing because it enhances the story. Our illustrators know what it takes to create children’s books illustrations that instill curiosity in children and make the story shine.

Freehand digital book illustrations are a great way to create an image that looks like a painting but is actually digital. One of the many benefits of using this type of illustration is how easy it is to modify the image. The illustrator uses layers to create the image. If you want to change the image, illustrators can simply modify the layer or layers. Therefore, they don’t have to recreate the image from scratch.

With the traditional book illustration style, the illustrator typically uses pencils to draw the picture and watercolors to paint the details. As a result, the illustrations are colorful and detailed. This style is typical in children’s books — especially fairytales.

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